IT Consulting

My knowledge and experience combine business and technical knowledge to provide a full suite of IT consultancy services designed to improve performance and increase competitive advantage.

  • Cloud/Outsourcing strategy – examining alternative IT delivery models and advising on outsourcing policies and methodologies with specific focus on cloud computing and virtualisation.
  • Networking – assisting companies with networking hardware selection and deploying/upgrading network systems.  As a vendor-agnostic supplier of services, I have the flexibility to work with any existing network system.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) – providing reporting systems to enhanced business performance and alignment of IT with key business objectives by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the performance of the business.
  • IT Strategy – achieving close alignment of IT with key business objectives and examining the entire IT organisation encompassing structure, services, architecture, policies and processes.
  • IT Governance – helping companies to implement accountability models, measure Return on Investment (ROI) in IT projects and ensure full adherence to the regulatory environment.
  • ERP/Cloud Services – assisting companies with ERP/Cloud vendor selection and deploying ERP/Cloud systems.  As a vendor-agnostic supplier of services, I can work with all the leading ERP/Cloud software developers.

I take a flexible approach to assignments and am happy to use customer resources to complete parts of assignments where this is feasible.  In addition, I place strong emphasis on skills transfer and proactively work with client to share my skills, knowledge and expertise as part of any consultancy project.